Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, Love Trumps Hate

St. Valentine died a horrible death. He was imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded.

His crime? Marrying Christian couples.

Roman Emperors believed that single men were better soldiers, therefore, marriage was outlawed.

St. Valentine worked in secret to bring couples together and make them one in God’s eyes. He believed that God’s law reigned supreme and that love was the spiritual right of every man and woman. It was a belief that cost him his life.

Today his skull is on display in a Roman Basilica as a reminder of his sacrifice, and every year we honor his life with mushy cards and chocolate.

What do you believe? What do those beliefs cost you? Facebook friends? Family relationships? The respect of your peers?

Do people ridicule you? Yell at you? Call you horrible names all because you believe in something different?

How much are you willing to sacrifice for those beliefs? Your freedom? Your head?

Greatness often starts in darkness. But if you stay true to your beliefs, there are mushy cards and chocolate in your future.



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