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How to Sell Nothing Online

By on August 9, 2017

Everyone is all hyped up about selling stuff online.

Every time I log onto Facebook I’m inundated with ads from people urging me to create my own business and sell things from the comfort of my laptop. And, for a nominal fee, they will be happy to help me create this stuff with one of their easy-to-follow step-by-step courses:

“How-to Sell Your Products Online.”

“How-to Sell Other People’s Products Online.”

“How-to Sell Stuff From China Online.”

Well, I wanted to do something totally different. I wanted to sell NOTHING online.

So, I created this video…

Then, I built this funnel:

It only took me two days to create a fully-automated online business that sells nothing 24 hours a day. Yep, in no time at all I was in the “Nothing Business.”

Now I sell nothing when I’m at work, when I’m at the beach, when I’m asleep.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, I sell nothing every single day. And, I have the ability to sell nothing to people all over the world. Plus, since there are no shipping costs (It costs me absolutely nothing to ship nothing) the overhead is really low which maximizes my profits.

Competition is very low too. Most people sell something online, so the space isn’t crowded at all.

I’m impressed with how-much nothing I have sold so far, and as things progress, I will definitely scale this business. I want to sell nothing on a massive scale.

My goal is to one day be the world’s largest online provider of nothing. So far, so good!

Look, I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do…but know this: No matter how weird, wild, or different your idea may be, try it.

It’s like we say in the industry: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”