How-to Pull $2965 Out of Thin Air!

By on August 8, 2017

About 3 weeks ago I challenged myself to see how much extra money I could pull off of Facebook without running a single, solitary Facebook ad. Not that Facebook ads are bad or anything, but I was curious to see if I could do it. (This is what happens when you don’t have any hobbies.)

So, I set out to see what I could dig up using nothing but my ability to create content and an open mind to new opportunity.

Almost $3000 dollars later I was thrilled with the results!

Here’s what happened:


I love videos. I love to shoot them, edit them, post them, and watch people enjoy them. So I started to post some of my favorite and best performing videos in some commerce groups. It worked! People started connecting with them and reaching out to me.

“Loved your video! How did you do it?”

“This video rocked! Outstanding!”

“Could you make a video like this for my product?”

BINGO…after a quick back-and-forth on messenger I negotiated a price of $200 for a 20-second ad. (I could have easily charged more, but I was proving a point, not trying to buy a Ferrari.)

Before I knew it, $200 had appeared in my PayPal account. Again, right out of thin air! It was working…


Ever have somebody ask to “pick your brain?” I get it a lot. “Hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee and pick your brain for an hour or so?”

Now don’t get me wrong, I would do pretty much anything for a good cup of coffee. But letting people pick my brain all the time is time-consuming.

Plus, It’s not really fair to me, them, or other people who I work with. I have accumulated a ton of knowledge that is actually quite valuable and that OTHER people pay me quite a bit of money for.

I have clients who pay me thousands and fly me all over the world to present keynotes and training presentations at their conferences and events.

They pay me to share what I know about publicity, marketing, and social media success with their attendees.

I have clients who pay me thousands to work with them 1-on-1 to create business ideas and viral campaigns to boost their bottom lines.

Is it fair to them for me to give you a portion of my time, and the same information, to somebody else for a $5 cup of coffee? (And perhaps a scone?)

Nope. So last time somebody asked to pick my brain I told them I would schedule a 20-30 minute “Brain-Picking Session” for $250. They gladly accepted.

If you think about, most people are inundated with high-ticket coaching offers for $5000+! And some don’t need months of coaching. They just need someone to give them honest feedback once in awhile. So it was a win-win

Seriously, I did the call on my way home from work. Traffic isn’t quite so bad when you know you’re making $250 while you’re stuck in it.


While cruising around one of my favorite eCommerce groups, I stumbled on a guy who needed help voicing and creating a long form sales video.

“What’s your budget for the project?” I asked.

“$1500 USD.” He replied.
“Oh.” I shot back. “I can absolutely deliver it for you at that price.”

Holy cow! Here was a $1500 project just sitting out there in the open waiting for someone to grab it. No advertising needed. No phone calls necessary. Just a quick back and forth on messenger. There was only one snag…

“We need a female voiceover, not a male.”

No problem. I headed to UPWORK and found an amazing female voice over talent who was totally up for the job. Cost to me… $185. Total profit: $1385.00.

4. WRITE 8 EMAILS = $450

While I was on UPWORK hiring the female voice-over artist for the above project, I stumbled upon a posting for someone who needed 8 emails written for a project launch.

I have written THOUSANDS of emails. And also blog posts, and podcasts, and radio scripts, and rap songs, and yadda…yadda…yadda….

So I applied. I used my Facebook page as a reference for some of my writing samples and the woman who posted the job responded almost immediately!

“I love your Facebook posts! If you can get my emails to sound like those I’ll be thrilled!”

24 hours later she had 8 emails for her launch and I had $450 in my account.



Not only did my new client from UPWORK have her own awesome project, but she works full-time for a HUGE Internet Marketer who routinely creates and executes 1 and 2 MILLION DOLLAR launches.

Guess what?

He needed emails too! We agreed that I would write one for $250 to see if we were w good fit. We were…like a glove! (It helped that I was a total fangirl of this guy so I knew his product, his market, and his voice really well.)

We are on email number three and I know there is more to come!


The moral of this story is, there is money EVERYWHERE! Facebook is full of people with problems, wants, needs, desires…help them!

Read between the lines.

Most of the time, when people are in Facebook groups asking for help with a particular project, what they really mean is…
“Do this for me! I will pay someone to do this for me!”

That someone could be you…