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Snapchat Friends

3 Ways To Get New Snapchat Friends and Followers

By on April 13, 2016

Snapchat friends and followers are life.

If you’re using Snapchat to build a brand, a business, increase your influence, or sell a product, then keeping a steady stream of new Snapchat friends and followers coming into your Snapchat account.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve been a Snapchat creator and influencer since the beginning. I was around when there were just a “handful” of Snapchat “stars” to follow. Now, not so much…

With hundreds of new users being added EVERY HOUR, there is more and more competition for eyeballs. If you want people looking at your snaps (and I assume you do otherwise, why create them?), then you must get into some healthy habits to continually grow your base:


Clearly the biggest complaint about Snapchat is how ridiculously hard it is to find and follow people. This is the number 1 reason that I started See, Snapchat isn’t like Twitter or Facebook where the simple tap of a “FOLLOW” button connects you to as many users as you want. With Snapchat you have to:

  • Type in a specific username
  • Scan a Boo-R code
  • Connect via custom URL

Again all of these methods are more cumbersome than any other Social network, so it is very important that you advertise your info everywhere. My Twitter and facebook banners both include my Snapchat Boo-R code and Username.

I have started to use my URL in my email correspondence and signature. I even thought about posting my Snapchat info in the church directory. 9However many of my snaps are probably not in line with church doctrine, so I abstained.)

On I have combined ALL THREE elements in one place. It’s the easiest way so far to get new Snapchat users to add your account.

The point is you have constantly provide people with the opportunity to find, add, and follow you on Snapchat. I get a steady stream of new followers on Snapchat simple by advertising my contact info. It’s a must!


This is the single-best way to get discovered on Snapchat and keep new Snapchat friends flowing into your app. Do a Snapchat collaboration with another user. You will end up “swapping” your audiences and, as a result, you will both benefit by reaching out to new Snapchat friends. There are so many amazing people on Snapchat who can connect you with their followers. Every collab is mutually beneficial. It doesn’t matter if they have a larger or smaller audience than you. Your goal should be finding new followers…period. The more followers you have, the more people will hear your message, and the more people you will be able to help with your products and services.

Some ideas for collabs include…

a) Account Swaps: You snap on my account and I snap on yours.
b) Interviews: I created Snapchat’s first talk show this way.
c) Progressive Stories: Start a story on one account, finish on another, or a third, fourth…etc!

My Snapchat Talkshow “Talkin’ Snap!” was created as a way to collaborate with the biggest names in the business! Whatever you use Snapchat for, there are people out their who share similar audiences and want to work with you.


Nothing happens without consistent effort. And on Snapchat, consistent means EVERY SINGLE DAY. Other platforms allowed (and still allow) for weekly or even monthly involvement. Youtube stars have built massive followings posting just once or twice a week. But that doesn’t happen with Snapchat. If you want to grow your audience on Snapchat you have to put in consistent, daily effort. Snap on a regular basis so your audience knows they can count on you. Snapchat is a fickle beast. There are so many other creators competing for attention that if you don’t satisfy your hungry audiences “content cravings” then somebody else will.

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