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What John Mayer Did Made Me SMH

By on August 14, 2017

I went to see John Mayer in Ft. Lauderdale this past weekend.

My wife and I are UBER-Fans (which is code for “my wife loves him more than she loves me so I better love him too”) so we always try to catch him when he blows through Florida…no matter what the cost.

And there is a cost:

  • Hotel
  • Gas
  • Food
  • Tickets…in the third row on the floor. They ain’t cheap.
  • Merch. (Also not cheap.)

But we don’t care. It’s John Mayer and we love him more than money.

And having been to a dozen or so shows, I can tell you that the concerts are all usually pretty similar:

We drink too much beer, scream way too loud, sing along to all his songs (the popular ones AND the not-so popular ones because, again, we are super-fans) and judge people who go to the bathroom during the show because, OMG it’s John Mayer. Hold it for two hours.

But this time, was different. I mean, I still waited to go to the bathroom. (Thank God for only two encores.) But I noticed something about the crowd.

There were thousands of people there. The place was packed. The crowd was awesome.

And John Mayer hasn’t had a popular radio “hit” in, what, like 10 years?

This is not a mainstream artist anymore.

This is a guy who built up a following over a long period of time and continues to provide his die-hard, loyal, and hungry fanbase with great product.

Also, he makes a killing. (I mean, $45 for a t-shirt? Cha-ching.)

I had to SMH. This guy gets it. So many other people don’t.

You don’t need the whole world to love you. You really just need 1000 people to love you.

1000 true fans

1000 members of a tribe can support you full-time.

1000 people spending $100 with you every year is $100,000! That’s a living.

Keep those people engaged with you for ten years and you’re a millionaire.

Sure, there are people who swoop in and become “superstars” in every industry.

If you shoot a video showing people your garage filled with 1000 books and a Lamborghini and it goes viral…awesome!

But where will all those people be in ten years?

Will they still be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale with their wives every year to sit in the third row and scream “We love you John!” at the top of their lungs?

That, my friends, is your goal.

Hey Mon, Check Dis Out!

By on August 12, 2017

Years ago…

Before I got into the business of selling “nothing,” I was a waiter in a restaurant in New York City.

It was your typical New York City restaurant. Small, busy, cramped, exciting…

And, as a waiter, almost impossible to move around. Seriously, I spent more time trying to get from my tables to the bar and back to my tables, then I did taking orders and delivering food.

It was cray!

But then I learned a secret. I learned how-to get through the crowds in record time. I learned a trick that allowed me to part the busy restaurant like I would part my hair…if I had any.

I learned this trick from an old Jamaican guy named “Jojo.”

Jojo ran the coffee bar at the restaurant. When somebody ordered a Cappuccino or espresso, or any other fancy coffee drink, it was his job to make it.

And Jojo’s coffee station was right next to the bar. On a Saturday night, he may as well have been working in the middle of the mosh pit at a Marilyn Manson concert. It was jammed. But Jojo had a secret phrase that always got him where he needed to go…

“Hey Mon! Check dis out!”

I know, doesn’t seem all that special and exciting. But imagine the scene. You have hundreds of people crammed into a small space. Some of them are trying to get to the bar. Others are just trying to get to the bathroom. What are all those people saying to each other?

“Excuse me!”

There were so many people saying “excuse me” it became background noise. You just started to ignore it. Think about it, if everyone is saying the same thing it loses power. You could say “excuse me” all day long in that restaurant…wasn’t nobody gonna move out of your way.

Jojo knew this. So he didn’t say “excuse me.” He said…

“Hey Mon! Check dis out!”

That was different, that got people’s attention. When somebody says, “Hey Mon! Check dis out!” you turn and take notice. You want to see what they are talking about. You want to “check out” whatever cool thing they want to show you.

Turns out the cool thing was just an old Jamaican guy with a tray full of Cappuccinos.

But it worked.

Jojo always got where he was going because he knew how-to get people’s attention.

In a world where everyone is selling something, I’m selling ‘nothing.’ And, I’m getting quite a bit of attention.

Because when everyone else is yelling, “Excuse me!” I’m saying, “Hey Mon! Check dis out!”

What are you doing to cut through the crowd?

More Than Money

By on August 11, 2017

Want to hear something shocking?

Money is NOT the most valuable thing to most people.

It’s true. If it were, they’d never spend it. They’d just horde it away like Ebeneezer Scrooge or my dad.

Think about all the stuff you buy on the daily: Shoes, Beer, Vacations, Food, Hair Extensions…

Why do you buy all that stuff? Because at the time of purchase you would rather have THAT stuff than your cash.

Those things you buy? You want them more than money. Otherwise, you wouldn’t trade money for them

I’ll use myself as an example: I love sushi.

If I’m hungry and you bring me a plate of my favorite sushi, I will give you money for it. Probably a LOT of money. (Especially if you’ve got some Hot Sake to go along with it.) Why? Because at that very moment in my life, I value the sushi more than the money it costs to buy it.

I’m hungry. You have something that will make me not hungry. And, it as looks amazing. Clearly I will part with $40 bucks because I see more value in that sushi than I do in my cash. (Also I’m gonna need some extra wasabi and ginger. Thanks.)

So what does that mean for you?

Well, it means, the way to succeed in business is to find something people value more than their money and offer it to them.

Find out what they are hungry for and offer it up on a silver platter. The better and more mouth-watering it looks, the easier it will be for you to get them to part with their money.

Everyone wants something. Everyone wants something more than money.

In fact, the reason we WANT money has nothing to do with the money itself. We only want money because we can trade it for the things we value more.

Nobody says, “Wow that sketch of Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill is so realistic and lifelike! I must get my hands on more of them!


We say, “Wow that beach resort in St. Croix looks so relaxing. I MUST get some Benjamin Franklins so I can buy a plane ticket to get there.”

It’s more than money.

It’s satisfying that hunger. It’s experiences, and possessions, and it’s also time.

Do you pay someone to mow your lawn? Clean your house? Wash your car?

Why do you do that?

It’s because you value your time more than your money.

You want to spend time with your spouse, or your family, or your friends. So, instead of wasting time in the kitchen, you all go out to a restaurant where somebody else does the cooking and cleaning. All you have to do is enjoy your time together. And THAT is way more valuable than the money you leave behind.

It’s the same reason people pay for virtual assistants, copywriters, web designers, and coaches.

When somebody deposits $5000 in my PayPal and says, “I want you to coach me. I need you to show me how-to get my business noticed,” what they are really saying is, “I value my time more than my money. This $5000 is less valuable than the guidance I can get from you. It’s more important to me to learn quickly, and get results faster than I can get them myself.”

And what they get in return is so much more valuable to them. They get to keep their time, they get answers to their questions, and they get something that they value more than money.

And me? Well, I get more money for sushi! Win-win!


The Greatest Marketer I Ever Met

By on August 10, 2017

One of the most valuable marketing lesson I ever learned, was from a drug-dealer turned rapper who wore a bullet-proof vest onstage, after having been shot nine times and left for dead.

One of the bullets took a chunk out of his tongue so he spoke with a slight impediment. But that didn’t keep him from making millions with his voice.

But his voice wasn’t even his real cash cow. It wasn’t the key to his wealth. It wasn’t the words, or the music, or the beats, or the records.

50 Cent was famous for his image. He was famous for what he portrayed.

A thug. A baller. A gangster. A millionaire.

The money was in the persona.

And I know this to be true, because I got to see it firsthand.

I was initially excited to find out that 50 Cent was coming by the studio for an interview. At the time, he was the biggest act in the world and I was eager to interview him.

A few of the people in the sales department caught wind of his arrival and brought their kids by to meet him as well. (Because that’s the kind of role model you want for your clildren. Sales people. SMH.)

About 15 minutes before his arrival, the record rep for 50 Cent’s label came into the studio with three of the biggest dudes I’d ever seen. They were dressed in black. They looked mad. I’m pretty sure each of them was carrying at least one loaded gun.

Apparently they were doing some kind of security sweep.

They checked every inch of the studio and eyed everyone who was in it to seek out potential threats.

Clearly, we were the least threatening group of white people they had ever seen, because they didn’t stay long.

Two of them left and the third took his place by the door. Just standing there, as a human barrier, I assumed, you know, in case “S#!t went down!”

Then…he arrived.

He was wearing white from head to toe.

He had a white rag on his head and a white hat over it.

And diamonds. Diamonds everywhere.

His neck, his watch, his belt buckle were all encrusted with diamonds.

He had a large posse with him too. A couple of girls, a few other dudes with cell phones…

I remember this one kid who walked around with a cooler of Vitamin Water. 50 Cent recently invested in Vitamin Water, so this kid just walked around handing it out to everybody…whether they wanted it or not.

But the one thing that caught me off guard, the thing that I remember the most was his smile.

It was so freakin’ huge!

It was the last thing I expected to see.

The records and the album covers and the photo shoots all portrayed him as a hardened criminal who was cold and tough from a life on the streets.

But he was grinning ear-to-ear and high-fiving people, and even hugging!

It was not what I expected at all.

He greeted the kids, smiled, signed their CDs, and told them to stay in school and study hard. (What?)

Then…it happened.

One of the Sales Parents grabbed her camera and asked,
“Can we get a picture?”

Everything changed.

The smile disappeared. It was totally gone without a trace.

In it’s place was a scowl – an angry mean scowl that seemed to say, “Don’t F— with me or I’ll pop a cap in yo A$$!”


When the picture was over, the smile returned.

It happened over and over. Behind the scenes 50 Cent was everybody’s friend. Hanging out, laughing and smiling, handing out all the Vitamin Water we could drink.

In front of the camera, it was all business.

Sometimes he would make his fingers into the shape of a gun and point it at the lens. Sometimes he would show his teeth like a lion or a tiger does to intimidate his pray.

His eyebrows would always turn inward to show superiority, and his mouth never cracked a grin.

Not until it was over.

50 Cent knew his brand. And he protected it.

He knew what he was selling and he knew what his customers wanted to buy.

So when the cameras came on, so did the scowl.

50 Cent was a gangster. Period. And every single image had to portray that.

I have shared this story on stages around the world, and I have told it in small coaching groups and masterminds, and I have even shared it one-on-one with my media and marketing clients.


Because it is the single most powerful marketing lesson I have ever learned.

Sell a product that people want. Create a brand that people can relate to. Protect it at all costs.

Every successful celebrity has a persona.
So does every successful entrepreneur.

Do you?

PS: I’m “the funny guy.” When I’m on the radio, the stage, or shooting videos at my house…everything I do has to fit my personal brand which is “funny.”

Being funny is how I was able to sell NOTHING online for $20 a pop.

sell nothing online

How to Sell Nothing Online

By on August 9, 2017

Everyone is all hyped up about selling stuff online.

Every time I log onto Facebook I’m inundated with ads from people urging me to create my own business and sell things from the comfort of my laptop. And, for a nominal fee, they will be happy to help me create this stuff with one of their easy-to-follow step-by-step courses:

“How-to Sell Your Products Online.”

“How-to Sell Other People’s Products Online.”

“How-to Sell Stuff From China Online.”

Well, I wanted to do something totally different. I wanted to sell NOTHING online.

So, I created this video…

Then, I built this funnel:

It only took me two days to create a fully-automated online business that sells nothing 24 hours a day. Yep, in no time at all I was in the “Nothing Business.”

Now I sell nothing when I’m at work, when I’m at the beach, when I’m asleep.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, I sell nothing every single day. And, I have the ability to sell nothing to people all over the world. Plus, since there are no shipping costs (It costs me absolutely nothing to ship nothing) the overhead is really low which maximizes my profits.

Competition is very low too. Most people sell something online, so the space isn’t crowded at all.

I’m impressed with how-much nothing I have sold so far, and as things progress, I will definitely scale this business. I want to sell nothing on a massive scale.

My goal is to one day be the world’s largest online provider of nothing. So far, so good!

Look, I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t do…but know this: No matter how weird, wild, or different your idea may be, try it.

It’s like we say in the industry: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”




How-to Pull $2965 Out of Thin Air!

By on August 8, 2017

About 3 weeks ago I challenged myself to see how much extra money I could pull off of Facebook without running a single, solitary Facebook ad. Not that Facebook ads are bad or anything, but I was curious to see if I could do it. (This is what happens when you don’t have any hobbies.)

So, I set out to see what I could dig up using nothing but my ability to create content and an open mind to new opportunity.

Almost $3000 dollars later I was thrilled with the results!

Here’s what happened:


I love videos. I love to shoot them, edit them, post them, and watch people enjoy them. So I started to post some of my favorite and best performing videos in some commerce groups. It worked! People started connecting with them and reaching out to me.

“Loved your video! How did you do it?”

“This video rocked! Outstanding!”

“Could you make a video like this for my product?”

BINGO…after a quick back-and-forth on messenger I negotiated a price of $200 for a 20-second ad. (I could have easily charged more, but I was proving a point, not trying to buy a Ferrari.)

Before I knew it, $200 had appeared in my PayPal account. Again, right out of thin air! It was working…


Ever have somebody ask to “pick your brain?” I get it a lot. “Hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee and pick your brain for an hour or so?”

Now don’t get me wrong, I would do pretty much anything for a good cup of coffee. But letting people pick my brain all the time is time-consuming.

Plus, It’s not really fair to me, them, or other people who I work with. I have accumulated a ton of knowledge that is actually quite valuable and that OTHER people pay me quite a bit of money for.

I have clients who pay me thousands and fly me all over the world to present keynotes and training presentations at their conferences and events.

They pay me to share what I know about publicity, marketing, and social media success with their attendees.

I have clients who pay me thousands to work with them 1-on-1 to create business ideas and viral campaigns to boost their bottom lines.

Is it fair to them for me to give you a portion of my time, and the same information, to somebody else for a $5 cup of coffee? (And perhaps a scone?)

Nope. So last time somebody asked to pick my brain I told them I would schedule a 20-30 minute “Brain-Picking Session” for $250. They gladly accepted.

If you think about, most people are inundated with high-ticket coaching offers for $5000+! And some don’t need months of coaching. They just need someone to give them honest feedback once in awhile. So it was a win-win

Seriously, I did the call on my way home from work. Traffic isn’t quite so bad when you know you’re making $250 while you’re stuck in it.


While cruising around one of my favorite eCommerce groups, I stumbled on a guy who needed help voicing and creating a long form sales video.

“What’s your budget for the project?” I asked.

“$1500 USD.” He replied.
“Oh.” I shot back. “I can absolutely deliver it for you at that price.”

Holy cow! Here was a $1500 project just sitting out there in the open waiting for someone to grab it. No advertising needed. No phone calls necessary. Just a quick back and forth on messenger. There was only one snag…

“We need a female voiceover, not a male.”

No problem. I headed to UPWORK and found an amazing female voice over talent who was totally up for the job. Cost to me… $185. Total profit: $1385.00.

4. WRITE 8 EMAILS = $450

While I was on UPWORK hiring the female voice-over artist for the above project, I stumbled upon a posting for someone who needed 8 emails written for a project launch.

I have written THOUSANDS of emails. And also blog posts, and podcasts, and radio scripts, and rap songs, and yadda…yadda…yadda….

So I applied. I used my Facebook page as a reference for some of my writing samples and the woman who posted the job responded almost immediately!

“I love your Facebook posts! If you can get my emails to sound like those I’ll be thrilled!”

24 hours later she had 8 emails for her launch and I had $450 in my account.



Not only did my new client from UPWORK have her own awesome project, but she works full-time for a HUGE Internet Marketer who routinely creates and executes 1 and 2 MILLION DOLLAR launches.

Guess what?

He needed emails too! We agreed that I would write one for $250 to see if we were w good fit. We were…like a glove! (It helped that I was a total fangirl of this guy so I knew his product, his market, and his voice really well.)

We are on email number three and I know there is more to come!


The moral of this story is, there is money EVERYWHERE! Facebook is full of people with problems, wants, needs, desires…help them!

Read between the lines.

Most of the time, when people are in Facebook groups asking for help with a particular project, what they really mean is…
“Do this for me! I will pay someone to do this for me!”

That someone could be you…

You Can Sell ANYTHING Online…Literally ANYTHING!

By on August 6, 2017

I love bizarre and interesting stories of people who create crazy and unbelievable businesses.

You know, people who just sort of “fall” into success.

One of my favorite stories is the story of Linda Katz an “Accidental Internet Entrepreneur.”

Back in 1994 Linda wanted to learn how-to set up a website so she could share photos with her family members who lived all over the country.

Linda herself lived on a farm in rural Kansas. Not many people lived around her…ever fewer came to visit.

So a website seemed like the best way to keep in touch.

Linda enrolled in a local community college course for basic HTML and website construction. It was more of a business course, so many of the lessons included E-commerce.

Her final exam was to build a simple online store with a product and a shopping cart and everything businesses need to do take orders online.

Well, poor Linda didn’t have a product or a business. She just wanted to share photos with her family members. She wasn’t looking totter a profit. But she wanted to pass her class. So she had to come up with something.

Just then, Linda looked up from her computer. She peered out her kitchen window and into the Kansas prairie. There wasn’t much to see, just grass, and sky, and the occasional tumbleweed rolling by.



That was it.

Linda spent the next few days working on a REAL site for her FAKE business “Prarie Tumbleweed Farms.” It was a truly basic website with just two or three photos and an order page.

She offered two sizes: Small for $15 and Large for $25. She set-up her cart, her payment processor, submitted it to her professor and went to bed.

The next day something ridiculous happened.

She got an order.

At first, she thought it was a mistake, but soon she realized somebody actually visited her website, saw her tumbleweeds, and ordered one.

Linda wasn’t sure what to do, but feeling obligated to deliver on her promise she walked outside, grabbed a tumbleweed, boxed it up, and took it to the post office.

By the time she returned, more orders were waiting for her. People were clamoring for tumbleweeds! Talk about a niche product!

Soon she was shipping all over the world. Hollywood came calling and Linda’s tumbleweeds showed up in blockbuster action movies and TV shows.

Ralph Lauren ordered tumbleweeds from Linda for a fashion show and photo shoot.

Even NASA became a customer when they were building the Mars Rover. They needed tumbleweeds to study rolling pattern and trajectories.

It wasn’t long before Linda’s fake business was making REAL money. $50,000 worth of tumbleweeds sold in her first year.

$50,000 selling dry, dead, crusty old tumbleweeds online.

Think about this: If a woman from Kansas can accidentally sell $50,000 worth of tumbleweeds, imagine what you could do if you actually tried!

I Am Retiring!

By on July 31, 2017

It’s true!

I’m going to hit the beach and drink margaritas all day…

Or as I like to call them, “Mark-a-ritas.”

And then I’m going to drive home in the new Porsche that I’m getting for free thanks to my new business partner.

But wait, there is more. 

I want you to join me. I want you to retire, do what you want everyday, get your dream car for free, and stop worrying about money.

I want you to enjoy monthly recurring income that you create by selling an AMAZING product one time.

That’s why I want to introduce you to my new business partner.

It’s called “Builderall” and I could go on and on explaining how it works…but this video does a much better job.

Also, I need to apply more sunscreen.

So watch this =>

Then join me in an early retirement!

See you on the beach!

-Mark Kaye

The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion

By on June 29, 2017

I have a secret studio.

Every week I go in my secret studio and broadcast LIVE to the people inside who have been intelligent enough to realize the benefits of my advice.

We discuss all the hot topics when it comes to marketing online…

Stuff like: Facebook Ads, Live streaming, YouTube, Snapchat…

But recently I realized that, while many of the people in my secret studio learn technical skills from my years of practical application marketing on the Internet, many of them still have mental issues.

That sounds worse than I meant it too…

MINDSET issues. That’s better.

Many people who start their own businesses, sell their own products, and offer their own services, just aren’t comfortable tooting their own horns.

That’s a problem.

Blatant self-promotion is the cornerstone of promotion.

If you can’t say great things about yourself and your products, how do you ever expect anyone to pay money for it?

Today I am doing a special one-hour presentation inside my Secret Studio teaching the important art of Shameless Self Promotion.

BAD NEWS: It’s for members only

GOOD NEWS: You still have time to become a member.

Here’s the link =>


By on June 28, 2017

Last month I took the kids to Disney for a week. It was a blast.

BUT, when we got back home I realized that I forgot to chlorinate the pool. It was disgusting.

My beautiful, clear, blue, pristine pool was cloudy and green.

I know what you’re thinking… #RichPeopleProblems.

But there is more to the story…

I went to the pool store and told the guy exactly what happened. He was a pro. He knew exactly what I needed to turn my pool back to normal.

He knew what chemicals I needed, he knew how much of them I needed, he knew exactly how to insert them into my filter…yadda, yadda, yadda…

But, since I clearly had no idea what I was doing, I followed his advice.

I bought the chemicals.
I put them in the pool.
I did exactly what he said.

And you know what happened? Exactly one week later my pool was crystal clear and I was splashing my butt off.

Seriously, not only was my pool clean again, but I think it was cleaner than it had ever been before.

That’s what happens when you find an expert, ask them for help, and follow their directions flawlessly.

Not only do you get what you want, but the results are usually better than you ever dreamed they could be.

See where I am going with this?

Now think about your finances. You want money. You want lots of money. You want so much money that you can do whatever you want in life.


All you have to do is find an expert, ask them for help, and do exactly what they say.

Actually, scratch that. You just have to do the last two things. I already found you an expert.

His name is Mark Ling.

Listen to everything he says =>

Pretty soon, you’ll be having #RichPeopleProbems of your own!